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Since Tyler Perry’s latest movie “Temptation” hit theaters back in March, there have been plentiful mixed feelings on it. Unfortunately, it seems as though Mr. Perry can not catch a break from others in the industry and or the media.

It has been stated several times that with this latest film, Tyler Perry has offended those with HIV. Well now, The Positive Women’s Network of the United States  of America are coming for Mr. Perry. They have written Mr. Perry a letter and created a petition to bring Tyler Perry down for “coming up with a plot they feel is offensive to those living with HIV”. They are not only writing Mr. Perry and petitioning the film, The Positive Women are demanding a meeting with him!

Oh, Tyler what have you done?!

The Positive Women’s Network feels as though Tyler put people living with HIV in bad lighting and make them seem as ‘Monsters’. This film is not the first Tyler discussed HIV but they feel he’s took it too far in “Temptation”. Honestly, I do not see where Tyler went wrong in this film. I thought it was one of his great works.

I’ll be looking out to see how Mr. Perry comes back up hill from this.


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