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We would all like to see the unity in Hip Hop between the females. By now, we all have heard about the beef with Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim over the past couple of years. It had even got to a point where you couldn’t mention Lil Kim’s name in Nicki’s presence, or vice versa.

During a recent radio interview, Nicki Minaj had no ill feelings toward The Queen Bee. She even opened up about her favorite females that opened the door for her, and why she loved them.

“Foxy Brown, Lil Kim, Lauryn [Hill] and then Remy Ma. They’re all from New York, too. It’s no disrespect to any other female rappers, but those are the ones that I felt like, ‘Ok, yeah. I could get into that.’ They sounded like me when I spoke, and I just thought they really made an impact.”

Nicki added, “I always loved Missy Elliott because she was playful. With Missy and Left Eye, they weren’t afraid to be goofy at times and I loved that.”

Bravo Nicki! Clearly, #SheWon. I just hope at this point, we could possibly get them two to work together.