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It’s been a rough two weeks for our legal system battling some major cases from Trayvon Martin to Aaron Hernandez and now to the Boston Bombings. Yesterday in court, the surviving bombing brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnev, plead not guilty to the allegations against him for his role in the Boston Bombings a few months back.

From the Globe:

Seeming indifferent to the proceedings, Tsarnaev wore an orange prison jumpsuit with the top unbuttoned, and a black T-shirt underneath. His hair was shaggy, consistent with the photos that were released at the time of the bombings. His face appeared distorted at times as he fidgeted in his seat. He had a visible scar just below his throat, possibly the result of being shot by police and was wearing what appeared to be a cast on his left arm. Tsarnaev became attentive when he looked toward two women sitting in the courtroom, one of whom was weeping while the other held a small child, during the seven minute hearing. As he was being escorted out of the courtroom with cuffs on his hands and feet, Tsarnaev blew a kiss towards the women.


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