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Guess who’s back. No, I’m not talking about Jay-Z. And not Kanye, either. I’m talking about America’s favorite snack manufacturer, Hostess! So those of you whose munchies appetites have been missing Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and Donettes can once again rest easy knowing that your favorite sticky tidbits of sweet delight will be back on store shelves quicker than you can ignore your blood sugar levels.

In honor of Hostess’ return to the pimping and pandering of dyes and starch and glucose – and in no particular order – here are 14 rappers who are softer than Twinkies.

Ace Hood

Ace Hood appeared on the BET Awards rocking an iced-out watch that decided to commit suicide on camera. No biggie. However, telling the world that he’s going to fire his jeweler is like telling the Internet that your girl cheated on you; a set up for humiliation and totally unnecessary. He would’ve been better off threatening his jeweler’s life over that (for record sale purposes if nothing else).


Drake makes rap songs for dudes who Google-search their ex-girlfriends and then lurk their Facebook page. The fact that he’s beefed with Chris Brown, who beefed with Frank Ocean and Rihanna, takes him to new heights of “keeping it real.” I fully believe that his crooning about not needing any new friends is really a cry for companionship, but that’s neither here nor there. Wait, actually, it’s right here.

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