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According to Jonathain Cainer:

All our lives, we have watched science-fiction become science-fact. We have become almost blase. If someone can envisage it, the chances are that, within a few years, someone else will be turning it into a reality. Some technologies (teleportation and time travel, for example) have proved harder to implement than others. Probably, though, they will come. Who are we to say what is or isn’t impossible? How dare we limit our lives? Miracles in your life this week are no further away than you imagine them to be.

Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: ‘Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage.’ So said the 17th century cavalier poet, Richard Lovelace. Was he right? Well, those stones and bars can do a pretty good impression of a prison if you are trapped inside them. Still, though, such impediments are as nothing compared to the mental and emotional limitations we impose on ourselves from time to time. It is time to break out of the box you are caught in. What’s making you feel trapped? There really is now a way to break free… if that’s what you want.


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