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According to Jonathan Cainer:

Are you surprised and amazed, bemused and bewildered? Or are you still waiting, doubtfully, for a promise of some unexpected development, to materialise? Mercury’s recent change of direction has turned an aspect of your well-ordered world upside down. The time you have lately spent in a state of confusion or frustration will soon prove to have been time well spent. Before long, Mercury will go direct once more and you will be shown an exceptional opportunity. Be glad of all that’s not as you expect this week.

Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: Why move on if you are happy where you are? Why fight if you’d prefer to surrender? Why feel that you must do something when nothing is a perfectly fine thing to do? You have lately gained a lot of momentum. You won’t lose it if you now stop pushing quite so hard. Indeed, you could do with a chance to draw breath, to check the extent to which change is starting to happen and to adjust the plan you have been following. It may not take as much as you think to achieve as much as you are hoping for.


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