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According to Jonathan Cainer:

We all hold, in our minds, some dubious definitions. We consider, for example, particular environments, situations or people to be ‘familiar’. We feel comforted by these. Whatever may be wrong with them, we at least know where we are. But you can walk down a street a thousand times and still overlook some key factor within it. You can know someone for years and still be mystified by them. You are discovering this week, just how much you still have to discover about yourself and about life. That’s a good thing.

Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: In the fairy stories there are always three wishes. Fairies, witches, leprechauns, whatever they may be, invariably give birth to their blessings as triplets. Heroes and heroines often make a muck-up of their opportunity. They waste the first wish on something silly, the second on fixing the problem they have created and the third on getting things back how they were. What should their first wish always be? ‘Grant me the wisdom to wish for the right thing.’ You’ve only got one wish now. Make it that one! It’s all you need.


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