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According to Jonathan Cainer:

Mountains that lie ahead in the distance often seem tiny. Mountains that we have already climbed and moved on from also tend to diminish in size as time goes by. Mountains that loom directly before us, though, look terrifyingly huge. They don’t get any smaller while we are ascending them. If the view from below is daunting, the view from half way up is worse. You are now rising to a great height at a scary speed. But you are safe and you will successfully reach the top. Prepare to get (and to feel) much higher.

Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: So many questions remain unanswered. So many emotional issues are yet to be resolved. Will it ever be any different? Will everything in your world eventually become settled and sorted? Let us hope not, for then there would be no more adventure, uncertainty or excitement. You don’t need to clear everything up now, you just need to clear up some of it. That’s not as difficult as you might imagine. One brave conversation, attempted in a spirit of sincerity and friendliness, will yet produce a very positive result.


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