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According to Jonathan Cainer:

Everything is going to be okay… in the end. First, there may be a little drama, trauma and upheaval. There may also be some financial struggle, some emotional stress and creative tension. But then, when is it really any different? What you are going through now is really no more (or less) than just the usual trouble, dressed up in an unusual guise. You can save yourself a lot of bother and bring forward the eventual day when your problem is solved… by deciding that it isn’t such a problem after all.

Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: Some battles can never be won. No matter how determinedly we fight, we discover that our opponents are just as highly motivated and well equipped. So we end up in a dreadful stalemate where antagonism continues yet resolution remains irritatingly unlikely. Are you in such a situation now? You may fear as much, but things seem much worse than they actually are. Don’t despair. And don’t give in either. You are not going round in circles. You are simply revisiting old ground so that this time you can truly conquer a fear.


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