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No your eyes are not playing tricks on you; you did read the title correctly…

Love & Hip Hop, a reality television show that has opened many doors for its cast members.  The latest cast member (or should I say memBERS for this instance), to capitalize on their reality “fame” are Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J.  All season, we have watched these two work on the music career of Joseline; and with all the work they have put in for Joseline’s career, they have succeeded.

Joseline Hernandez has released a music video for her song entitled “Mi Colta”.  Now, I’m not that well versed in the Spanish language, but when I searched the meaning of “Mi Colta” I came up with nothing, but was told by Coka Lani that the term is most likely Puerto Rican slang.  Whether “Mi Colta” is slang or not, Joseline has a video for it.

The video features Joseline, along with her “knight in shining armor” Stevie J, in the streets of Puerto Rico, where Joseline grew up.  Not only does the video feature these two, but there is also a “surprise” verse and cameo from rapper Fly Dantoni.  The release of this video has not only caught me by surprise, but also my Radio One cohort Ashley.  Ashley questioned the video, and couldn’t fathom the thought process of Joseline, Stevie J, or the video’s director.

Despite my opinion, and the opinion of Ashley, the hustle cannot be knocked.  Joseline Hernandez has stepped into the music world.  Although the song is completely in Spanish, except the verse from Fly Dantoni, the video is a MUST see!  Watch Joseline’s Hernandez debut music video, for her song “Mi Colta”.

Yea I know…

-JaLisa Dove


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