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According to Jonathan Cainer:

Sometimes, we overhear adults talking about children. They say things like, ‘He’s got to learn.’ Or, ‘She may as well get used to this.’ Usually, the statement is linked to the need to accept a limitation. Kids must, indeed, discover what is and is not possible but it is important that they don’t start to feel as if nothing good is ever going to happen in their lives. Some events in your past have caused you to lower your sights and reduce expectations. But now, you had better believe that the best is possible… because you can attain it.

Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: Experts agree that if you start a sentence with the words ‘experts agree’ you’ll give it such an air of authority that you will convince all but the most sceptical. There are, however, very few true experts in this world, and it’s unusual to find two or more who agree with one another. What you do tend to get are a lot of people who know a bit, and who are doing their best to pretend that they know everything. The last thing you want now is an expert opinion about your love life. You may as well trust your own brightest hope!


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