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According to Jonathan Cainer:

I always shudder when I hear people talk about a time when ‘dreams can come true.’ Don’t they realise the danger? Can’t they see the obvious warning signs? What is a nightmare but a kind of dream? If a happy fantasy can turn into a reality, what’s to stop a less delightful dream from coming to life? Don’t nurture your fears. Don’t dwell on your dark desires or your aggravating anxieties. The more energy you give these, the more real and relevant they will seem. Allow the Harmonic Convergence to inspire only good dreams.

Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: What can we do if we really try? Can we turn back time? Can we manifest precious resources out of thin air? Not all the time, perhaps, but there are occasions when somehow, suddenly, we realise that we have played a part in making miracles happen. We don’t always achieve this in an instant. Sometimes, we have to keep at it day after day for weeks. Sometimes, too, we only have to make the effort once, but it can take a long time before the result comes. To improve your love life now, just believe in yourself.