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According to Jonathan Cainer:

Your Week Ahead: You have come a long way. You have covered a lot of distance. We could argue that you are back where you started from but that’s not really so. You are simply repeating elements of a familiar theme. You are playing out variations too and these are significant. We all have to go round in circles to some extent. That’s only fitting when you think about the planet on which we live and how it endlessly rotates. But no two days are ever the same; nor even two moments. Don’t be fooled this week, by what you think you recognise. Be inspired, instead, by what you are only just starting to discover.

Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: You have been through many tricky emotional situations in the past. You have faced seemingly hopeless scenarios before. But you have always emerged with grace to find fresh hope. No matter what you feel threatened by now, things will improve naturally soon. You’ll win a battle or (more likely) you’ll discover that you don’t even need to fight it. You’ll get information that alters your view or you’ll come up with some clever way to get round a problem. Frustration will be rapidly replaced by inspiration.


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