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According to Jonathan Cainer:

Your Week Ahead: Not everything is wrong, it’s just that there’s one issue that won’t go away. Nor, though, can it be easily and fully resolved – at least for the time being. You are stuck with a seemingly unsatisfactory situation and thus you must find some way to be okay about it. What can you learn to love? What can you tolerate, feel an affinity for or find a way to forgive? How can you put aside your fear and sense of restlessness? These may seem like unanswerable questions but a way can be found, This week, you’ll find it.

Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: Some people believe the body is a temple. We should treat it with utmost respect and give it nothing but the best. Yet there’s a downside to this philosophy. It’s all too easy to become unhealthily fanatical about what you eat, drink or do. The benefit you may attain through discrimination and discipline can be counteracted by the harm you create through worrying. Nothing does us more damage than emotional fear and you are worth so much more than that. Let go of a negative and embrace a positive.


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