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According to Jonathan Cainer:

Your Week Ahead: As we grow older, do we become wiser? It’s nice to imagine that the answer is ‘yes’. Some of us, though, choose not to learn. We go round in the same circles, playing out the same dramas, testing the same theories, yet refusing to accept the evidence that our experiment presents us with. As we grow older, we become more experienced, but wisdom requires experience plus something else: willingness. You’re now ready to learn. So you’re ready to solve any problem! This week, it turns out, you’re wiser than you knew!

Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: There’s nothing sensible about life on Planet Earth. We are not here because someone had a committee meeting and developed a careful plan. We exist in bodies that have not been approved by Health and Safety, and we make our most important decisions on the basis of irrational needs and fears. You are entitled to be idiosyncratic and eccentric now. You are also entitled to feel what you feel and to want what you want. Will you get it? Well, that probably depends on how badly you really want it!


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