According to Jonathan Cainer:

Your Week Ahead: Be strong. Be wise. Be reasonable. Be all this, even in the face of trouble. For some strange reason you keep experiencing a sense of powerlessness. You wish that you could get a difficult process over and done with. You are almost tempted to betray a principle or to make a regrettable compromise – just to get instant relief from pressure. Wouldn’t any progress at all be worth some kind of sacrifice or compromise? Hold tight to your faith and remember what you believe in. The right solution is not far away.

Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: What do you want to be? Perfect? Faultless? Revered and respected by all for your supreme intelligence and impeccable decision-making? Of course, a part of you wants this. But that part of you is actually a rather dull part. Somewhere within you now, there’s an urge to be reckless, spontaneous, brave on behalf of a cause that deserves to be defended. Your reputation may suffer in the short run if you dedicate too much to an emotional, romantic, idealistic urge. But you will feel an awful lot better for it.


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