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Son of legendary civil rights leader Jesse Jackson, Jesse Jackson Jr has been sentenced to 30 months in prision with a 3 year supervised release for spending $750,000 of campaign funds for personal expenses. What did he spend the money on you ask? Many things such as a $43,000 rolex watch, Bruce Lee memororabilia, and a mink cashmere cape! Are we serious you ask? Yes we are. I know, I dont get it either. But anywho; what tops it off is that his wife Sandra Jackson has been sentenced to jail for defrauding as well!!! When in court, Jesse Jackson Jr said to the judge “If probabtion is not available to her, give me her time” attempting to do what I call a ‘sentence switch.’ Sandra Jackson was sentenced to 1 year in prision and ordered to pay 22,000 in restitution. This is an ultimate blow to the Jackson family but a bigger blow to those who consistantly donated and supported their movement. Craziness!

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