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According to Jonathan Cainer:

Your Week Ahead: If you think you’ve gone as far as you can go, you may soon discover that there’s a whole new road ahead. What matters now is not what you know how to do; it is what you don’t know. The cosmos is inviting you to look at all that’s tried and tested, then recognise all within it that’s still waiting to be explored and experimented with. It’s a week for reopening closed casebooks and reinvestigating old mysteries. You can only do that successfully if you are willing to concede that you do not already know all the answers.

Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: We all learn, early in life, that the relationship between truth and fiction is complicated. Likewise, the link between action and intention. Some people know how to say all the right things – whilst doing none of them. They even manage to make a career of it. It can be weeks, even months, before anyone ever notices. If they happen to be politicians, it can be years! In your emotional world now, many great pronouncements are being made. But you should believe what you are seeing and feeling, not what you are hearing.


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