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If your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, cousin, child, whomever, has been stuck on their PS3 or XBox 360 all day, here is why.

As I scrolled through my timeline yesterday, whether it was Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, I kept seeing the box for the newest video game out, ‘Grand Theft Auto V’.

If you are not familiar or in to the gaming world, then let me hip you really fast.  Grand Theft Auto is a gaming series by Rockstar Games.  The game itself is an open-world crime series; allowing players to carjack, out run the po-po, and get away with other activities that could ONLY happen in the world of gaming.

Many gamers, and GTA lovers awaited the release of the game.  Dropping worldwide yesterday, Grand Theft Auto V has made over 800 MILLION dollars!! (Right, who knew!?).  ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ did so well in stores yesterday, that it beat out ‘Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2’ and their $500 million dollar record.

I am not one of the individuals that’s hooked on the game, but with the money the game made, I’m sure it’s worth the hype.  Gamers, make sure to not stay on the sticks all day!

-JaLisa Dove


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