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When I heard Rick Ross shout out Reebok (after being dropped from his endorsement) in Jay Z’s ‘FcukWithMeYouKnowIGotIt’, it made me question if he was still a check and “we aint even know”. He rapped:

I just landed in Europe, n*gga/Shopping bags, I’m a tourist, n*gga/Money talk I speak fluent, n*gga/Reeboks on, I just do it, n*gga

It makes you go hmmm, right? Well, in a recent interview (which may increase your curiosity), Ross explains why he still supports Reebok.

Ross tells The AP:

I’m still supporting Reebok. I’m still wearing Reebok,” he said in an interview last week. “It’s nothing more than that. I’ve been wearing Reebok my whole life. …Still got nothing but love for Reebok.”

What he has learned from his incident with Reebok:

You live and you learn. I think the most unfortunate thing about the whole situation was just the fact that my lyrics offended some ladies, especially dealing with the topic of rape. It was interpreted as rape. I really wanted to make sure that I apologize to any woman that I offended in that way. I just wanted to make that clear. When I make music and I’m talking on records, it’s like I’m painting a picture. In my mind, I’m seeing a film. I apologize.”

Do we think Ross is still getting a couple of check from Reebok and we ain’t even know?

Ross opens about acting and working with Jay Z, here.

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