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After Kanye West’s early morning trespassing of the paparazzi run-in with the paparazzi Friday morning in his driveway, we just knew that anyone with any type of camera would be an enemy of Mr. West. Maybe sometime during his flight to Paris with Kim K, he had a change of heart.

While in Paris for Fashion Week, Kanye West was confronted by a Pap, but instead of lashing out, Yeezy gave him him a pass and some props.

Don’t ask questions, just take the video. Don’t do like the LA…I like how you guys move out here. You’re mad respectful, and you also take time off. You’re not around people’s houses, so I just really appreciate you.”

He even gave a handshake! Whaaatt??? That’s the Kanye West we want to see. That lady who had to ask who he was though? Priceless..

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