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We’re only two episodes in to the new season of ‘Love And Hip Hop New York‘ and already the mud has started to sling.

Earlier this year when K.Michelle announced that she was leaving ‘Love And Hip Hop ATL’ and going up North to NY, she already said that she was not going to tape any scenes with Erica Mena (whom we have seen is nothing but trouble and also the star of LHNNY). From the looks of it, K.Michelle stuck to her words. It obvious that the two aren’t fond of each other because earlier this year on Twitter, the two said exactly how they felt about one another.

If the two did cross paths, it may not be good, Erica Mena tells during a recent radio interview.

I haven’t really had the pleasure of going face-to-face with her. She has a lot to say about me, but she’s scared to shoot with me.”

In the interview with Yasmin Young, Erica blames their issues on K.Michelle’s ego.

She’s coming from out of nowhere. Now, all of a sudden she has some harsh opinions about me, and she doesn’t even know me…Right now, she’s just feelin’ her own sh*t.”

Mena even cautions the R&B singer/reality tv star to watch her southern style and slick talk in The Big Apple. Plus, if they do come face-to-face, Erica says it could be an end of a reality tv job for the singer.

In the Concrete Jungle, there’s definitely no Southern hospitality….. Anyone who’s gotten in a fight with me doesn’t last. I’m starting to feel like I have these secret powers where I get to kill people off one by one.”

I don’t think K.Michelle is scared to shoot with Erica Mena. I just think that K.Michelle just wants to get her reality show check, continue on her successful ‘Rebellious Soul’ tour and make music.

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