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What’s in a name!?

The Washington Redskins has been apart of the National Football League since 1932!  Even after being called Redskins for 81 years, the football team is still receiving backlash for their name.  Being that I said “still”, one can conclude that the name of the football franchise is an issue.  The Washington Redskins have been asked several times to change their name, and today the name change came to a 10-0 vote.

With a 10-0 decision, the D.C. Council urges the Washington Redskins to change their name. The DC Council has voted on this issue before, but clearly nothing came of the vote.  Not only does the DC Council feel the Redskins should change their name, but so do those who are of Native American decent.  Finding the word offensive, and to be a racial slur.

Owner, Daniel Snyder says that the Skins name is a “badge of honor”.  Snyder also understands that the team’s name offends a certain race, and he respects those feelings.  Now, it is unclear whether or not The Redskins will take heed to the Council’s vote.  Being that the DC Council has no power over the team, it is unsure of whether or not the team will change their name.


-JaLisa Dove


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