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Oh boy…this story is a little…well…just oh boy! According to Eben Gregory, rapper/actor Ludacris has asked the court to seal his current child support case so that details will no longer be available to the public. Why you ask?

Well, apparently the rapper feels it is ruining his reputation. He is tired of the media trying to “Throw Them Bows” at him for fathering his infant child outside of his years long relationship with girlfriend Eudoxie.

Luda is also reportedly upset that the media keeps reporting the things that his baby mama Tamika Fuller is saying about him regarding not paying child support or not trying to see his new baby girl.

Says Ludacris to the judge,

“Because the media is able to read and misinterpret the documents in the Court’s file in this case, every day since Jan. 1, 2014, I have been publicly humiliated and called a deadbeat dad, who does not want to see or support his minor child. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The news articles… say very negative things. I would hate for out daughter to ever see the blogs that have nothing good to say about either of her parents.

In the event that an ex parte Order is not granted, and people are able to continue to read and misinterpret the documents in the Court’s file, my name, reputation, character, goodwill and brand will continue to suffer irreversible harm and damage, which may eventually jeopardize my earning potential.”

Oh Chris…don’t you think you are being just a tiny bit dramatic? This is a rough storm that you are weathering now no doubt…and yes it must truly suck that you are receiving press for things other than your music or your acting…but c’mon…your character and reputation really aren’t being threatened as much as you seem to think they are. You’re just used to having people heap praise on you in the press all the time. But no one out here wants to see you destroyed…that’s crazy.

We challenge you to really think it over….most people almost EXPECT this behavior out of you and every other rapper that is known for songs with any type of  misogynistic lyrics and videos with half naked chicks all through them. So, technically you haven’t disappointed anyone that way. You can relax.

Now as far as irreversible harm and damage being done to your career as a result of all this…really? Sir, the industry that you are in has found a way to forgive R. Kelly, Chris Brown, Michael Jackson, Mystikal, etc…and they were actually accused of something serious! So breathe that bad air out…and just chill. You are not going to be in the headlines like this forever…this isn’t a big enough deal to hold people’s attention for too much longer…we’re certain of it!

So do yourself a favor..and stop making big moves that make it appear you have things to hide…that will just prolong it. It’s all going to be ok. You haven’t done anything that is so awful that people won’t be able to respect you ever again. You started off in radio..and you know very well how the game is played….so play it.

Good Luck!


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