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lady gaga red lingerie body stocking sun hair style - lady gaga red lingerie body stocking sun hair style

Lady Gaga’s first album, “The Fame,” dropped in 2008. Since then she’s become a musical, fashion and meat dress icon selling 25 million albums and 125 million singles worldwide.

With all that money, why does she need to spend almost the entirety of the $2.1 million that her “Born This Way” charity earned in 2012 on everything else but actual charity? According to tax filings, she actually gave away an astounding $5,000 while spending the bulk of the money on lawyers, “strategic counseling,” “philanthropic consulting,” and “other.

lady gaga award show appearance - lady gaga award show appearance

She even dropped just under $60,000 on publicity fees. Think on that for a minute. One of the most photographed and paparazzi-hounded celebrities in the world needs to drop a blue-collar salary on how to get publicity. Whatever you say, sugar.

If you want a thorough representation on some amazing and suspect as hell charitable giving, check out this article from Forbes.com.

But we’ve got some pretty startling examples to share that will probably make your jaw clench. So remove any valuables from the room (even your cell phone if you have to) and handcuff your hands so you can only type and move your mouse for now. It’s about to get rough ‘round here.


peta logo - peta logo

People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) makes a damn good point. There’s no reason to treat animals poorly. None. Now more than ever we have the science and technology to give animals, even the ones we consume, a decent, stress-free life before we slaughter ‘em and throw ‘em on a plate and slather them with hot sauce. And they’ve gotten a slew of celebrities to sign on with their various marketing strategies and promotions.

But their business practices are kinda suspect as hell. In 2011 they sued Seaworld for enslaving killer whales. They lost the case and those lawyer fees, paid for by public funds of course.

They’ve created bizarre comics and flash games full of mutilated animals featuring modified versions of well known video game and pop culture characters.

peta people for the ethical treatment of animals comic for kids - peta people for the ethical treatment of animals comic for kids

They even even compared dog ownership to slavery.

peta ad slavery dog ownership - peta ad slavery dog ownership

And despite trying to create a world full of ethically treated animals, they’re one of the largest animal euthanizers in the US.

Dyan Cannon’s Operation Lookout

dyan cannon aol - dyan cannon aol

Since 1984 the National Center For Missing Youth aka Operation Lookout has been looking for missing children. You know this because that’s what they and their national spokesperson, actress Dyan Cannon, tell you.

But before this, had you ever heard of Operation Lookout? Had you seen anything detailing their search for missing children? Naturally, that, alone, does not indicate the effect of a charity’s efforts. But where there’s smoke…

operation lookout website - operation lookout website

They’ll tell you they’ve resolved 82% of the cases where a child’s picture has shown up on their website. What they won’t tell you is that they’ve allowed professional solicitors to keep 82% of the near $20 million they’ve raised since inception. Their charitable practices are so suspect Charity Navigator, a charity that investigates the effectiveness and accountability of charities, gave them a score of ‘0’ on a scale of zero to four.

Lady Gaga’s Charity Takes In $2.6 Million, Gives Away $5,000 + 4 Other Suspect Celebrity Charities  was originally published on giantlife.com

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