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The Imus Ranch

don imus show broadcast - don imus show broadcast

A 4,000 acre ranch in Ribera, New Mexico, the Imus Ranch is a working cattle ranch provided by Don Imus and his wife, Dierdre. Their mission?

Founded by Don Imus and Deirdre Imus in 1998, the ranch was conceived and designed with the sole purpose of providing the experience of the great American cowboy to children suffering from cancer or serious blood disorders, and children who’ve lost brothers and sisters to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Kids who are sick with cancer and have experienced sibling trauma are taken to the hot American southwest to work on a cattle ranch from dawn ‘til dusk? This doesn’t sound like an ideal, life-affirming event. It sounds like torture.

ribero new mexico imus ranch - ribero new mexico imus ranch

The kids attend for one-week sessions during the summer. So who attends during the other nine months of the year? The Imus family, presumably. Although several journalists have questioned various financial irregularities with the Imus Ranch it still exists to suck one of the last weeks of a child’s life away so that Don Imus can have his own $25 million cattle ranch paid for by everyone but himself.

Kim Kardashian’s Celebrity Auctions

kim kardashian white dress appearance - kim kardashian white dress appearance

Not a charity per se, Kim Kardashian gave away a lot of her personal items via eBay’s Giving Works. Giving Works is a portion of their website where people contribute items for auctions with portions or all of the money earned going to charity.

You are only required to allow 10% of the money the auction takes in to go to charity. Naturally, that’s the exact percentage Kim Kardashian allowed for.

kim kardashian purple dress - kim kardashian purple dress

Kinda sad when you get outdone in charitable giving by Miley “Foam Finger In The Crotch” Cyrus.

In late 2013 the presumed hypocrisy of her actions came to a head with a large cadre of folks calling her out for it. Her eBay Giving Works page has since closed and, thusly, it might be assumed so does her charitable giving in this manner.


There are girls selling their used panties online that are more ethical than this.


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