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SHEEEESH Birdman!!

The Cash Money man himself Birdman, has never been afraid to floss; I mean, he came up with the phrase “bling bling’ for Pete’s sake.  So in his latest flossing news, Birdman has decided to make renovations to his Miami mansion.  Instead of using all his funds for the project, he decided to hit the bank for their coins.

It is reported that Birdman took out a loan for five MILLION dollars to fix up his Miami home that he purchased in 2012.  Now taking a look at his house, what more can be done !?

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Well, Birdman has a new vision for his home which has been titled “interior remodeling”.  The remodeling will call for construction, paintings, and marble and stone installations.  Even though Birdman borrowed the money for the renovations, let’s be clear that he will have no problem paying it back (he clearly has it).

-JaLisa Dove


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