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This whole Mayweather/Tiny/T.I. situation has just gotten all out ugly! If you’ve only saw the video of the riot that ensued at Fat Burger in Las Vegas when T.I. approached Mayweather about his relationship with his wife, you’ve only seen the beginning.

According to the site, when Tiny was questioned why she mess around with Mayweather on Instagram, she allegedly replied “I aint put that n***a in sh*t! You see that n***a in the media with different b****hes don’t come at me with that sh*t about no pix with a friend…..f**k you & whoever feel like u!

After folks start believing the infamous quote that was circulating on the internet, Tiny spoke out for herself posting:

Lawd, Fix It Jesus! That’s only the beginning. Check out Floyd Mayweather saying that Tip and Tiny are done. Plus, T.I. warns everyone that he will do that time for his family. Go Here!

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