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It’s a popular belief that it can sometimes be painful to be beautiful (bikini waxes, anyone?). And generally, as long as it’s done by a professional, most beauty treatments are considered to be safe.

This said, some of today’s popular treatments aren’t regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and could potentially do a great deal of harm, especially if not administered correctly.

Some of the top potentially-hazardous beauty treatments include:

Brazilian Blow Out

Kinky, frizzy hair is considered, by many women, to be difficult to manage. Which is why Brazilian blowouts have become so popular, helping to smooth out that frizz while making hair sleeker and easier to style. However, as part of this process, the chemical formaldehyde is commonly used at high levels.

The problem? Formaldehyde has been linked to a number of cancers after prolonged use.

Laser Hair Removal

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