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alabama state university - alabama state university

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Alabama State University is one of the premiere HBC’s in the US, serving as a shining example of historical and educational excellence for Black Americans. But no amount of prestige can stay the stain of accusation by way of racial bias. HBC’s, apparently, are no exception.

Dr. John Garland is a member of the Choctaw Indian Tribe but is identified as White. He is also gay, and legally married to Dr. Steven Chesbro, another White professor at the university who is now Dean of the College Of Health Sciences.

Originally hired as an adjunct professor in 2008, Garland was promoted to assistant professor in 2009. In 2013 he married Chesbro. In that time, Garland feels that he has been subject to discrimination by a group of people within the university who have worked to hurt his position and his career.

If the allegations made in his lawsuit are true then he may have a bunch of money and apologies coming his way. The most egregious are as follows:

1. Supervisor said that Garland’s race made him unsuited to work with the university’s Black students

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2. Against his contract the university laterally transfered’ Garland

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3. Garland’s income was reduced by $23,000 as a result of the transfer

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4. University operator told his callers that he ‘no longer worked at the university’

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5. Garland actually wants to stay at ASU, but want’s better treatment

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