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It looks like Rick Ross won’t be rapping about fried chicken any longer. The rapper better known as Ricky Rozay or “The Bawse,” dropped over 100 pounds thanks to eating healthier and CrossFit.

Ross, who typically burned calories counting money, revealed the tips to his weight loss success:

I do this sh-t called CrossFit. I call it RossFit. Earlier this summer, Reebok had introduced me to a trainer, and what he turned me onto was

— let’s say, for instance, if you got on the treadmill, and you did that sh-t for 30 minutes. Yeah, you burning calories, but you could be doing something that’s burning calories and building muscle at the same time. So, it’s like you working out for a shorter time. I could go


But now, they, they, you know, they give me fruit to eat. I forgot what fruit, you know, tasted like. I eat pears now and sh-t like that.

His recent change in lifestyle could be due to his recent medial issues. Ross had suffered several seizures in 2012 that left fans and loved ones concerned for his health. We’re glad to see Ross giving his health more attention.


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