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Williams reportedly got violent with a heckler on Tuesday. A routine night at The Comedy Store in West Hollywood, quickly turned into a violent exchange with an audience member who criticized Williams height and race, TMZ reports. Six cop cars sped to the scene with their own guns drawn after someone made a 911 call specifically indicating Williams involvement in scuffle, who by the way, was not even performing that night. By the time the police arrived, Williams had already left. No one was hurt but an investigation is currently underway. No one has been charged yet.

Since this news broke, Katt Williams quickly spoke out denying the report. According to him, he was a victim and not the perpetrator! Williams claims he was threatened by a group of gang bangers who followed him to his car and assaulted him, even calling him “Cuz”(Slang for a member of a rival gang). He believes the gang bangers themselves staged the 911 call. Williams seriously denies pulling out a gun and, in fact,  says he wasn’t even carrying a weapon at the time of the incident.

Sadly, the saga seems to be continuous with Katt Williams alleged public incidents and behavior. This latest story seems to further reveal the possibility of people out to get something from messing with this man. It’s already hard enough for this talented Actor and Comedian. It’s time that he be left alone. Let him be!

Story By: Marquita Cheron

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