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In my mind, Nia Long is one of my good girlfriends. We swap beauty secrets and braid each other’s hair. We have Sunday afternoon brunch dates at swanky LA restaurants and she fills me in on her latest projects (wakes up from dreaming).

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Unfortunately in real life Nia isn’t my friend but I still fantasize about what our beauty conversations would be like. Lucky for us, #TeamBeautiful caught up with Nia during her press rounds as one of the newest Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Lustre ambassadors. She dished on how she gets ready for the red carpet, how she keeps her skin right and tight, and even gave us a few tips that she learned from her mother.

Hello Beautiful: You always look flawless on every red carpet appearance. How do you get ready?

Nia Long: For me, it’s really important to do the prep work before the red carpet. I have an amazing trainer, but I’m a work in progress. She’s always like “Nia, you always get to 15 and then you want to stop.” My trainer is Jeanette Jenkins, she is a beast! She’s all about positive thinking, and girl power, but your body never feels overly buff, you still feel feminine and beautiful. Sometimes I drag myself in there and I’m like, “oh my God,” this is my time to myself.

HB: Your schedule has to be super busy, how do you wind down and relax?

Nia: I’m a big spa girl. I really love facials. The high-end products, I’ve tried them all. I’ve been going to Mamie’s skincare since the days of “Third Watch” when I was doing the show and she’s amazing. She does all of the celebrities and she’s a black woman so she really understands our skin. She does all my facials, my microdermabrasions, oxygen therapy…she’s really great! I feel like when you start with clean, fresh skin you’re good.

HB: A lot of women in Hollywood swear by weaves, what’s your preference?

Nia: I think the wardrobe dictates the hair. I’m tired of weaves, I just want to keep it simple and go back to what I’ve always known, which is being more natural. The truth of the matter is when you’re playing a character, you want to create something that is real for the specific character and I think when you look at actresses over the years, everyone wore wigs and hair pieces, but they’re all part of the creation of these various characters you’re playing. But, in my own life, I don’t want to have all of that.

HB: If you had to wear one item for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

Nia: I love shoes so much. I could just only wear shoes and diamonds. If I could walk out of the house every single day, it would just be fantastic. I don’t think that would go over to well [laughs].

HB: What do you love most about the Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Lustre fragrance?

Nia: To me, the fragrance is the icing on the cake. It identifies who you are when you walk in the door and when I smell this fragrance, there’s something about it that feels very old Hollywood, but in a very contemporary way.

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