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away from me,’” she said with a laugh.

DJ Envy was genuinely surprised that she said it took two years to get her body together, but Remy explained, “It takes time!

She added, “You can’t wait until the last minute. Plus, like I said, we don’t have a great gym system. We don’t have good food that we can eat if you’re dieting.”

2. Remy Had A Full Schedule

Six years is a lot of time to come up with new rhymes, but Remy didn’t get as much time to write as you might have imagined. Fans may have envisioned her spending hours with a notebook and a pen from wakeup until lights-out, but that simply wasn’t the case. The prison kept her busy!

“People think that if you’re in prison, you have nothing to do. You’re just sitting there doing time,” said Remy. “When you get there, they forced you to go programs.”

Aside from anger management courses and drug rehabilitation, her prison offered academic programs. “If you don’t have a GED or a high school diploma, it’s mandatory that you go to school,” she explained “You’re not just laid back doing whatever you want to do. You’re moving around.”

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3. Remy Didn’t Write As Much As You Might Think

Remy would have loved to have spent more time coming up with some dope bars while in lockup. “I didn’t. That would have been dope if I could,” she answered when asked if she’d spent her entire sentence writing.

Turns out prison is a stressful place to be, and that made it a little tough for Remy to think up hot verses. She explained, “It’s really hard to get into the creative space where you would want to just go in every day.”

4. Remy Did A Study On Homosexuality While Earning Her Degree

Can you say educated? Remy got her Associate’s Degree during her six-year stretch. As part of her program the rapper wrote up a study titled “Situational Homosexuality” that explored the different circumstances that might motivate someone to expand their sexuality.

“I did a whole paper on it,” Remy shared “You’d be surprised how many people because of the situation that they’re in, they’ll just switch their sexuality.”

Remy added, “It’s not just in prisons; people go into the military and your forced to be around people of your same sex. Situational homosexuality goes on in all-girls or all-boys schools”

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5. Remy Ma Had Conjugal Visits

Remy wasn’t alone the whole time she was in prison. Aside from near daily visits from friends and other loved ones, Remy said that she and her husband had plenty of opportunities to spend quality time as long as she was on her best behavior.

“You have to remember that I was able to get trailer visits. They’re like every six weeks,” Remy explained. “If you get in trouble–if you have, like, a fight or something–they take it away.”


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