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An unidentified sixth grade teacher at Brantley Elementary School (pictured) in Selma, Ala., was reportedly suspended, after she instructed her students to re-enact the Michael Brown (pictured below) shooting in class, according to The Selma Times-Journal.

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The teacher was outed, after Jessica Baughn posted on the town’s Facebook page that her son, Jimmy Griffin, and his classmates were made to act out the disturbing turn-of-events surrounding the Brown case. The boy also reportedly told his mother that the White students in the class got to take on the roles of the police force in Ferguson, Mo., where Brown’s murder took place.

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Brown, an 18-year-old soon-to-be college student, was senselessly gunned down on August 9th, after he and a friend were walking to his grandmother’s house.  A Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson, approached Brown to reprimand him about walking in the street as opposed to using the sidewalk.  An exchange of words between Brown and Wilson led to a reported six gun shots being pumped in to the young man even though he reportedly threw his arms up in compliance.

The Selma teacher allegedly asked her students to research the Brown murder, including the number of bullets that struck his body, but according to Baughn, the educator went too far, “I don’t think that it needs to be talked about at school at all, let alone reenacted,” Baughn said. “It scares me as a parent, because any one of those children could have picked up their aunt, uncle, grandma, or whoever’s gun and pointed it at another child and it went off accidentally.”

According to Dallas County Schools Superintendent of Education Don Willingham, the situation involving the teacher is not as grave as it is being presented. Instead, Willingham claims that the subject of Brown was broached during class and a short skit was performed to punctuate it.

He declined, however, to make any further comments and refused to identify the teacher, “We wish the conversation didn’t have to take place, but it’s been reported to us and we’re addressing it as quick as we can,” Willingham told STJ.

The sixth grade educator has been put on a paid administrative leave, and according to Willingham, he and other school board administrators will be conducting further interviews with the students who were present in the classroom at the time of the current events discussion.

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