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thomasMiles Kirkland-Thomas (pictured), a 16-year-old football player at Curtis High School in Staten Island, New York, who was late for practice, was ordered by his coach to run sprints and suddenly dropped dead during the process, according to the Gothamist.

The tenth grader, who had just passed a medical physical in July and who stood 6’3,” 300-pounds plus, had reportedly approached one of his coaches after running sprints.

The pair were in the middle of a conversation when the boy suddenly collapsed into the man’s arms, causing them both to fall onto the ground.

Kirkland-Thomas’ dad thinks that in addition to the mandatory sprints, his son may have had to also run up a steep hill on his way to practice which could have taxed his large frame.

According to the school’s athletic director who spoke to Gothamist, the educational facility’s staff and fellow players are absolutely distraught over Kirkland-Thomas’ sudden death and will provide grief counselors to all who require the services.

Even though Kirkland-Thomas’ cause of death is still under investigation, the Board of Education’s NYC Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña has issued a statement regarding the unfortunate incident:

“I am deeply saddened to learn of this tragic loss and my heart goes out to the family. We will be supporting the school community as we investigate the matter.”


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