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I agree Mariah Carey has not been the best live vocalist in the past several years, but she still holds a special place in my heart, so I have to somewhat defend her. I too, like many others, have been disappointed time and again that Mariah’s live voice sounds nothing at all like her studio songs.  Which may be true for a lot of artists, but the thing that annoys most people about Mariah is her divaish attitude.  Well, NBC was not having any of that when the diva showed up a rumored three hours late for the prerecorded Christmas Lighting at the Rockefeller Center in New York City on Tuesday.  NBC kicked her to the curb while fans waited for hours to see her, and told her that she would just have to perform live the next day, which was not a great idea.

BUT, in her defense, she was rumored to have been meeting with her divorce attorney which caused her to be late in the first place. Also, the cold does change your voice, and in her case, definitely not for the better.  Maybe she should have worn a scarf or had some tea handy.  Her live performance of her hit classic “All I I Want for Christmas” is really painful to hear, especially toward the end.  What happened to “The Voice”?

Have a Listen to Her Isolated Vocals

The Original Song from 20 Years Ago:

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