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mike brown federal autopsy report released key witness fbi interview left out of grand jury documentsSt. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch released the findings of a federal autopsy report on Michael Brown Monday, UPI reports.

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Per the findings, Brown died from close-range gunshot wounds to his head and had marijuana in his system at the time of his killing.

The Armed Forces Medical Examiner System performed the autopsy—the third done thus far—at the request of the Justice Department. It ruled Brown’s death a homicide, corroborating previous autopsies conducted by local investigators and an independent one ordered by Brown’s parents.

As the report states:

“There are severe injuries of the skull, brain, and right chest. The gunshot wounds of the right chest may represent re-entry wounds from the exiting gunshot wounds to the right arm and/or right forehead”

It also confirms that Darren Wilson fired on Brown at close range, adding, “Gross and microscopic examinations of the tangential gunshot wound to the right hand reveal with strong likelihood the presence of soot (an indication of close range discharge of a firearm).”

In related news, an Associated Press investigation into the thousands of documents provided to the grand jury in Brown’s case found no transcript or recording of Dorian Johnson’s FBI interview. Johnson was with Brown when he was shot; FBI officials, along with county police, interviewed him soon after for two hours.

Another transcript claims that jurors listened to Johnson’s August 13th interview, though that doesn’t seem to be reflected in the over 5,700 pages of documents released publicly, the New York Daily News reports.

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