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Ciara, 50 Cent, Future, Bow Wow, Russell Wilson

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We love almost everything about Ciara. Her sculpted bod serves as our inspiration to hit the gym and her dance moves keep us two-steps ahead when our favorite song comes on in the club. She also makes great love songs (“Promise” will always be a favorite.) However, we’ve watched the “Body Party” singer’s love life take more blows than Pacquiao in a Mayweather fight. Bow Wow, 50 Cent and Future are just some the failed relationships we know about. But this is another reason why we love Ci Ci — we’ve had our fair share of bad breakups and douche bags ourselves (all from whom we’ve learned a great deal of lessons.)

Ciara is back in the headlines with a new album, “Jackie” and blossoming relationship with NFL star Russell Wilson. While we’re happy the singer has found someone’s bulky chest to lay her head on, we notice she’s making some of the same mistakes she made in her past.

It looks like Ci Ci needs to take a page out of her own relationship book and apply it to this new relationship.

Lesson 1: Keep Your Relationship Private

Ciara and Russell Wilson have been dating all of two weeks now, yet they’re in the news everyday. Similar to Ciara and Bow Wow, Ciara and 50 Cent, Ciara and Future: we’re like, girl, keep your relationship private. She’s like that friend who updates their relationship status on Facebook every other argument.

With social media driving the public’s interest for every aspect of celebrity’s lives, Ci Ci should consider keeping her new relationship private until she and Russell have something more solid.

Lesson 2: Don’t Call Him ‘Awesome’ Just Yet

Russell Wilson and Ciara at White House State Dinner

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We’re pretty sure Russell Wilson is an “awesome” guy and sends Edible Arraignments on Wednesdays just because, but we’ve also dated plenty of a**holes to know, they’re all great in the beginning. We’ve had weaves longer than Ci Ci and Russ (can we call him Russ?) have been seeing each other. Like her flamboyant relationship with 50 Cent, we think Ci Ci should take it slow and don’t get all “I can’t leave him alone” on us.

Lesson 3: Stay Away From Over-The-Top First Dates

Ciara and Russell Wilson’s rumored first date was at the White House. Talk about setting the bar too damn high. Whatever happened to going to dinner or flying a girl out to a foreign country in a private jet? The White House? Poor Russell didn’t even know he was supposed to hold her hand in front of the paps.

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