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Today, we get to celebrate Janet Jackson’s birthday, one of the baddest women on the planet. Janet was first widely known as the Jackson 5’s “little sister” and later on, her turn on the classic 70’s sitcom Good Times as Penny, an abused but kind hearted preteen. A few years later, Janet would step out on her own, and start releasing solo music. With her new, more adult style and look, Janet pioneered the whole “leading lady who runs things style.” Artists who came after her such as Beyonce, Rihanna and even the late Aaliyah copied that “in control” vibe. While we all loved her music, her videos were truly an event to catch. With her sweet smile and soft spoken voice, she often displayed another side of herself in the videos.

Throughout the years, Janet has always brought the hotness with her music videos. Check out Ms. Jackson’s sexiest videos throughout her career that were definitely my most memorable, stop and stare videos.

“Pleasure Principle”

Janet’s now classic Control album was full of hits, including “Nasty,” “What Have You Done For Me Lately” and “Control,” among others. She first dropped the video for “What Have You Done For Me Lately” and introduced the masses to the ’80s dance, “the Snake.” Janet then released the classic “Nasty” video (with a young Paula Abdul) announcing that her first name “ain’t baby, it’s Janet…Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty!” Janet was of course fine as hell during both of these videos, but it wasn’t until she showed up solo in the no frills “Pleasure Principle” video noticeably slimmed down, People (mainly the guys) started to look at Janet as a sex symbol. The video was just Janet going around alone doing dance moves and showing off her athletic dance moves that she would make her famous. In the video, gone was her trademark smile and playful demeanor. She was all business. Even during the “Nasty” video, she had a “wink, wink” nasty attitude about her. In this flick she wanted to show that she was here for the crown.

“Rhythm Nation”

During this time in music video history, a lot of the videos were released as a short film or movie, and “Rhythm Nation” was no different. It was shot in all black and white and Tyrin Turner (who is more widely known as Caine from Menace II Society) was the lead actor. While we didn’t really pay that much mind to the storyline, the dancing in this video was hot. Janet and her dancers all wore very Star Trek like outfits while all dancing in……rhythm. One of the most talked about fashion items early on in Janet’s career was her infamous key earring that she wore in the video. Among many of the day’s most popular dances, Janet pulled off a fierce running man that showed she can pull off the moves we all were doing around the neighborhood.

“Love Will Never Do Without You”

Janet showed off a side we never saw before. She wore a tank top with major cleavage, and bent over often to show it off. It was almost like Janet was determined to show us that she was indeed a grown ass woman with a super fit body. No one remembers the male models in this shoot. Janet was super sexy with her trademark smile and laugh back on full display.

“That’s The Way Love Goes”

We all figured that we were going to be in for a treat with the songs and videos from the Janet album because of the frank album cover (for that time period) displayed a shirtless Janet with a pair of hands holding her breasts. And we were right! This version of Janet was dope because she displayed her natural coolness all throughout the video that featured all of her gorgeous background dancers, including a young Jennifer Lopez. It wasn’t so much of what Janet had on or her dances moves in this one— it was just her sincere delivery that made you feel like she really wanted her guy.


No big surprise or write-up needed here. Janet just going in and telling a guy that she would satisfy him plus more in the bedroom. Complete with her dance moves and her body in the video, we were sold that she was telling the absolute truth.

“Any Time, Any Place”

Along with the song being armed with a smooth, minimalist groove, this was a very understated sexy version of Janet. While a few of Janet’s previous videos where “in your face” sexy, this video was shot in voyeuristic fashion through the peepholes in apartments in Janet’s complex. And Janet pretty much detailed that she was willing to do it…..well…anytime and anyplace with her guy. There were a few “adult” images of Janet getting it in with her guy who we all remember from the video. Especially the scene where the guy has his hand rested on Janet’s butt while he slept.  The album version of the song was super sexy with a little interlude thrown in, but the video gave us the added images of Janet having no shame in telling her man that she was down for whatever, while looking beautiful doing so.


The much hyped-video that featured Janet dancing and singing alongside her mega-superstar brother Michael Jackson, was one of Janet’s most memorable videos. When the video was first released, it premiered simultaneously  on the major TV networks. In the video, Janet showed that she could go toe for toe dancing with and against the King of Pop. Not to mention the great futuristic outfits, makeup, and yes, her incredible body. Janet had it all in this video: the dancing, the clothes, the personality and the smile. An all-time favorite.

“What’s It Gonna Be”

While technically this is a Busta Rhymes video, Janet clearly stole the show in her skin tight (once again) futuristic leather dress showing some cleavage. Janet isn’t in it a whole bunch, but she definitely made her time count on screen as a dominatrix of sorts. Throughout her career, Janet seems very comfortable wearing outfits like these and they work perfectly.


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