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The second season of Starz’s runaway hit show Power has been amazing. With Ghost (played by Omari Hardwick) being swept in a whirlwind of lies and deception by people within his circle, he has nobody to trust, but himself. Ghost has entrapped himself in a world of his own by evading questions from his high school love Angela (Lela Loren) and his estranged wife Tasha (Naturi Naughton) while meticulously omitting details from his narcs partner-in-crime Tommy, his driver Shawn (Sinqua Wallis) and his mentor Kanan (50 Cent). No one is safe, mainly Ghost.

After watching Shawn get killed by his own father, Kanan in last week’s episode, it leaves us to ponder who’s next. Everyone, including Ghost has done their respective dirt. But, let’s be real, Ghost won’t and shouldn’t die, for the simple fact that he is the show. Point blank.

There’s a plethora of characters who rightfully deserve to get the axe. Here’s our top five list of characters who should die during the finale. Sorry, guys!

5. Greg Knox

I hate Greg Knox (Andy Bean). Like really, I would be so happy if someone clipped Greg. He’s just a pest. He’s an annoyance. I respect homie for trying to do his job, but let’s be real: the reason Greg is so pressed on nailing Ghost is simply because it’s affecting his relationship with Angela. In season one, Greg and Angie had a spark. Knox envied Jamie because Angie was enamored with her high school beau. The reason Greg is constantly stalking Angie and taking flicks of her is not only just to find potential leads in the case, but to see what the basis of her relationship is with Jamie. Like, come on Greg, you lost Angie. Let it go. She’s not diggin’ you, bro.

4. Josh Kantos

Kantos (Adam Huss) is such a loser. In all seriousness, hasn’t anybody ever told you not to bite the hands that feeds you, brother? In season one, Ghost gave you a shot at redemption. You were virtually a low-life who drowned in your own puddle of stupidity simply because you loved getting busy with the bartenders. Granted, there were times when Ghost berated you, but it was out of love. That’s all it was― tough love. Just because Stern extended you an offer to one day run your own club, you completely forgot who blessed you in the first place. Disloyalty doesn’t look good on anyone, Kantos.

3. Simon Stern

Simon Stern (Victor Garber) is a bloodsucking tick. He’s the type of a person who revels in sucking you dry. He’ll do anything to usurp power from his adversaries. I mean, the way he played Ghost was cold-blooded. Because Ghost declined his offer, he decided to buy the lease of his club and turn Jamie into his personal slave― no pun intended. His greed and sinister ways aren’t something to applaud. He enjoys watching people claw out of situations with little to no help at their disposal. I mean, the dude even named his offshore account after his 10-day-old daughter who passed away. It doesn’t get sicker than that.

2. Tommy

This pains me to say, but Tommy (Joseph Sikora) needs to go. Now, hear me out. Tommy needs to go because of his rudimentary mindset. Tommy is that one friend who wants to stay in the hood forever. On numerous occasions, Ghost offered Tommy a way out of the life in hopes of trying to better their own and secure their future. Instead of jumping head on at that opportunity, Tommy balked. His adoration for money, sex, and violence is ageless. His street-laden lifestyle clashes with Ghost’s ambition to get out of the game, and is detrimental to Jamie’s progression as a business man. He’s a crutch. The longer you ride out with Tommy, the biggest the risk.

1. Angela Valdez

I actually wanted Angie to live out her fantasy of starting a life with Ghost. I wanted Angela to play out her fairytale dream and venture into a world of love and happiness until she decided to put her investigator cap on. I mean, she could have let everything play out and just vanish with Ghost. Instead, she was so persistent about nabbing Ghost that everything began to unravel. It was already bad enough that she was creeping around with Ghost despite him having a wife and three kids. Now she’s on the verge of being killed by Tommy and Tasha, and Greg Knox is on her tail. Things aren’t looking so good for Angie Valdez. She might as well just die. She’s still hot, though.


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