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It’s safe to say Suge Knight has done some pretty awful things in his lifetime. Let’s just briefly get into why he’s currently sitting in jail. Remember when he violently ran someone over at the Straight Outta Compton promo shoot and allegedly killed them? Yeah, about that. Anyway, Knight’s lawyer, Thomas Mesereau, says that Knight’s portrayal in the N.W.A. biopic – which was a monster hit its first weekend at the box office – was “exaggerated and silly.” He also believes Knight would not be pleased by the portrayal.

According to The Wrap, Mesereau has not seen the movie, but wants people to know Knight has been misunderstood. In the film, Dr. Dre (played by Corey Hawkins) wants to get out of his contract with N.W.A. so he can launch Death Row Records with Knight. So Suge did what he does, and physically assaulted Eazy-E to make that happen.

Mesereau says that the mogul-gone-rogue has done many great things for his community, unlike some of his unnamed peers.

“A lot of the media does not realize how many good things he did for people, particularly in his community,” the attorney explained. “He financed athletic facilities in schools, he gave money to the homeless, money to people in need. He tried to arrange truces on the streets so people weren’t killed.”

“He funded funerals for families who were devastated by violence. He used to give a dinner every year for single moms in Compton to recognize their courage and their achievement,” the attorney said. “He’s a good person, and this will come out in due time.”

If Knight is convicted on the murder charges against him, he faces life in prison.


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