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Did Kanye West piss in Treach’s cheerios?

The Naughty By Nature rapper went off on ‘Ye on Twitter yesterday,  posting numerous anti-West memes which made fun of his relationship with Kim Kardashian and compared him unfavorable to Tupac Shakur.

The Tupac comparisons come from comments that ‘Ye allegedly made in September of 2014!!!  Folks who attended an event in Los Angeles overheard West slandering Pac by saying that he was a better rapper than the legend, who was “just an actor” and the “most overrated rapper in history.”

However that’s never really been verified.

As for why Treach is bringing this up now? Potential cereal urination aside, Naughty By Nature is embarking on their 25th anniversary tour later this month and it always good to get some pub.