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The grand jury has failed to indict the two Cleveland police officers, Timothy Loehmann – officer who fatally killed Tamir and partner Frank Garmback,  involved in the fatal shooting of Tamir Rice.

The grand jury has been listening to testimonies since October 2014 and as of late finally decided to decline criminal charges against the officers involved.

Protest For Tamir Rice

Source: JORDAN GONZALEZ/AFP / Getty Images

Last year, Tamir was playing with an air gun in a park when someone called the police. The dispatcher was notified that the gun looked fake, but failed to relay that message to the officers, which led to an unfortunate ending.

Cuyahoga County prosecutor, Timothy McGinty reports:

It is now indisputable that Tamir was drawing his gun from his waist as the police car slid toward him and Officer Loehmann exited the car. At the point where they suddenly came together, both Tamir and the rookie officer were no doubt frightened. If we put ourselves in the victim’s shoes, as prosecutors and detectives try to do, it is likely that Tamir, whose size made him look much older and who had been warned that his pellet gun might get him into trouble that day, either intended to hand it over to the officers or show them that it wasn’t a real gun. But there was no way for the officers to know that, because they saw the events unfolding in front of them from a very different perspective.”

Is this what it comes down to? Human error? Lack of discernment to fatal shoot a child without rationalizing? A child is not easily recognizable?

Corruption of the “justice” system unfolds with the blood of our culture’s men, women and children.

Say his name… Tamir Rice. Justice. #BlackLivesMatter

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