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Just when we thought Kanye West squashed his beef with Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose, he’s found a new person to be petty with!

Talk show host Wendy Williams was beyond excited to cover the play by play of Kanye’s most recent rant during her Hot Topics segments. She was even more elated to report the tweet that Amber Rose posted in defense of Wiz where she claimed she used to put her fingers in Kanye’s butt during sex.

For years, Wendy has alleged that Kanye was gay and Givenchy designer, Riccardo Tisciwho made Kim and Kanye’s wedding outfits was his “special friend”.

During her commentary, Wendy said Kanye had gone to far with the feud, “I’m embarrassed for Kim Kardashian. I’m not even going to call you ‘West’ because clearly that is not a real marriage” said Wendy in reference to Kanye’s outburst.

She also added, “Any time a man is fighting with another man and bringing up his ex, like why is Kanye still talking about Amber, what kind of respect, or lack thereof, does he have about his new son, Saint, and his daughter?”

The “No Parties In LA” rapper was apparently so fed up with Wendy’s perspective that he went into the studio and recorded a dis track about her.

“Kanye played the record for some of the artists he has been collaborating with in the studio and everyone was going crazy. It was really on the level of Nas’ “Ether” diss record to Jay-Z” said a source to The Daily Mail.

A reported verse from the song includes: ‘You obsessed with me/Keep testing me/You may be wearing dresses, but you a man like me/Got bigger hands than me/Let me see, your birther please/A dude in a wig that really wanna be me!’

Supposedly, the only reason why Kanye has yet to release the record was the fear of disrespecting his father-in-law, Caitlyn Jenner.

Apparently, Kim helped her husband to understand that the track would do more harm than good because calling Wendy “a man” and a “dude in a wig” would most likely offend the transgendered community.

We’re glad Kim is the logical one in their relationship!


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