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Lil Kim’s had a busy week. On Monday, Kim released a new project, Lil Kim SeasonLast night, presumably in celebration of that release, she hit the town with everyone’s favorite, Kim Kardashian. The pair of Kims started out with some karaoke videos that were posted on Instagram, with Kim K playing back up to Brooklyn rapper’s rendition of “All About the Benjamins.”



The two Kims going out on the town drove the normally gentle mannered (that was sarcasm) paparazzi members into a frenzy. At one point, someone from the Kims’ entourage complained that they couldn’t even see in front of them because of the flashing of all the camera lights.



Just another day in the life of the rich and famous. If you’re interested in hearing Lil Kim’s latest, click here.

SOURCE: Rap Up | VIDEO: Instagram

Lil Kim and Kim Kardashian Paint The Town Red  was originally published on globalgrind.com