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Tonight’s episode of Empire was all about Leah Walker aka Lucious’ mother (played by Leslie Uggams). Andre went to visit her at the nursing home thinking this was the greatest thing ever. It’s obvious that she’s still mentally disturbed, but Dre is just too excited to notice, and he can’t wait to bring her back to their family and therefore open up a metaphorical Pandora’s Box.

Cookie introduced Jamal to Noah, a new producer who is supposed to be creating that hot fire, but it turned out that Noah got the hots for Jamal. The sexual tension between the two is palpable so it’s no surprise when they get it poppin’ at a studio session.

Like, they really get it poppington.


We find out later on that Noah is on the down low. Basically, Jamal has a new boo, but once again it’s going to be complicated.

Let’s get back to Mama Lucious. Dre finally introduces her to the fam, smack in the middle of a Lyon family argument between Jamal, Hakeem, Lucious and Cookie over what they’re going to perform at the ASA Awards. Everyone is confused because they thought Mama Lucious was dead. Lucious obviously has some explaining to do, but instead, he storms out of the room when his mom tried to touch him.

Cookie asked Lucious why he lied and he claimed he didn’t lie. The truth story (allegedly) is that his mom did try to drown him and she actually did put a gun to her head and told him that it was his fault that she was the way she was, but there were no bullets in the gun. She was eventually committed, and that’s how Dwight Lucious ended up running wild. In his mind, his mom was truly dead. Lucious claims that they don’t understand how dangerous she really is. That’s not hard to believe about her, even in this seemingly harmless state that she’s in. You know elderly people have long run out of effs to give.


And yet, Mama Lucious is now staying at Lyon Manor. Lucious instructed his housekeeper to keep an eye on her and to basically keep her on lockdown. She is to take her meds and to have no visitors. Yeah, like this is gonna go according to plan.


Cut to the scene where Thirsty is riding with the reporter who found out about Lucious’ mom still being alive in the first place. She isn’t about to just be silent, and she’s not about that bribe life, so that’s when the goons had to handle her. It’s not clear what those goons did. All we saw was Thirsty dropping her off in some desolate area and getting snatched up. This can’t end well. Lucious ain’t tryna have his darkest secret get out. There’s too much riding on the “Boom Boom Boom” video and his credibility.


Rhonda starts having flashbacks about the night she was pushed down the stairs throughout the episode, but she really gets clarity during a girl talk session with Anika. Rhonda gets a glimpse of the flat red bottoms Boo Boo Kitty had on and flashed to the moment she was lying on the ground, watching the person who pushed her stroll out of the house. It’s the same shoes!


The episode ends on a Bizarro World note. Basically, Mama Lucious sent the housekeeper away so that she could make a bunch of cakes for Lucious (as in, have another manic episode). Lucious scolds her for doing so, but she then goes on a rant about how he’s evil and that he brought wickedness into their lives. Seriously, she really goes in on him, and you almost actually feel bad for Lucious for a split millisecond. She starts saying that she was fine until he was born, that all her troubles started with him. She forces him to eat a piece of cake and tells him that he doesn’t love her because he put her away all those years and that she’s sorry she was too weak to kill him when she had the chance. Lawd, Lucious’ Mama actually rendered him speechless, but it wouldn’t be surprising if she popped up “mysteriously” dead. It’s either him or her and he has so much hate and resentment in his heart toward her, especially since she is the one person who can really break him down and destroy him, so we’ll just have to see what happens next. There aren’t many episodes left this season, but you already know it’s going to get intense.


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