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K. Michelle's 'More Issues Than Vogue' Listening Event

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Tonight’s episode was slow, but also full of all the elements that usually kill our brain cells on a weekly basis. It was mostly about K. Michelle’s return, but also everyone else’s respective beefs, as per the usual.

Speaking of beef, Tiarra and Scrapp actually seemed to make peace over their son. Tiarra had been keeping their son away from him because of his infidelity and going back and forth between she and Tommie, but she relented and brought her son to see his dad at a father/son party. That was actually a nice moment, and hopefully a step in the right direction for all parties involved in that situation, especially Scrapp and Tiarra’s son.

The buzz of the episode was that K. Michelle is back, and she has beef with almost everyone in Atlanta, especially Rasheeda. Rasheeda seems over it, but K. Michelle surprisingly keeps talking about all the women that she’s holding a grudge against just because she wants them to see how successful she is and she wants to rub it in their faces (as if Rasheeda isn’t a successful business owner, though).

Things take a serious tone (for a quick minute) after we find out that Scrapp is facing time for trafficking weed (he got caught with it on him, not actually selling). Basically, he plead guilty in a plea deal. Trafficking weed in Georgia carries a mandatory minimum of 5-30 years. The prosecutor was not willing to reduce the charge so Scrapp got offered the 5-year minimum. Womp womp. Yes, Scrapp broke the law, but this sentence is considerably wack considering that marijuana is becoming legal in more and more states.


Back to the shenanigans…

K. Michelle had a party for her new album. Ariane, Joseline, D. Smith, and Betty Idol came out. The main ladies who don’t rock with K. Michelle were smart and stayed home. K. Michelle, despite the fact that she was supposed to be celebrating her new music and business ventures, decided to be petty and talk smack about Rasheeda to Ariane. Ariane did a good job of being neutral, but also let K. Michelle know that Rasheeda (and Karlie Redd as well) is doing just fine and making coin contrary to what she was trying to imply. The most positive thing about this whole event was K. Michelle’s announcement that she got a label deal with Atlantic Records, so she now has the power to sign other artists.

The party couldn’t have possibly gone off without any drama though. First K. Michelle sat down with Betty Idol to talk about potentially doing business, but Betty Idol has beef with one of their mutual associates. The latter started to explain her side of the story, but then K. Michelle started making passive aggressive shady comments about her (throwing shots but trying to pretend she was being genuine) and that didn’t go over well.


Neither Betty Idol nor D. Smith felt the verbal darts being thrown so they called K. Michelle out. That surprisingly didn’t really escalate (so maybe K. Michelle is actually growing a bit), but then Bambi came through, and you know she doesn’t rock with Betty Idol and D. Smith (because of the whole thing with Tammy Rivera). It didn’t take long before Bambi and D. Smith started going back and forth, and then Betty Idol got involved and it was just a roundabout mess. Things didn’t escalate to a fistfight or drinks being thrown here because D. Smith and Betty Idol left. K. Michelle’s party was not ruined.

The episode concluded with Scrapp bringing KK and Tiarra together to try to get them to work out their differences before he has to turn himself in. As if these mediation sessions ever work out! You already know what happened.


KK and Tiarra threatened to drag each other (KK was definitely more believable). Tiarra promised that her child wouldn’t see KK for as long as Scrapp is locked up and that was that.


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