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The great heat debate.

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It’s okay to rock a straight do or decide to change it up every once and awhile. However, for natural and relaxed ladies alike, heat damage has some serious implications.

For our curly girls, it can result in a change in your curl pattern and for the relaxed ladies, it leads to breakage.

And I'm finally split-end free!

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…and if you aren’t using your heat protectant correctly, it’s essentially just useless product buildup on your hair. Most heat protectant can’t stand heat above 180 degrees. News flash: your blow dryer is hotter than that.

Don’t fret. New York City hairstylist, Allyn Antoine reveals,

“If you are conditioning your hair correctly, you won’t have to worry about heat protectant because your hair will be properly moisturized.”

Moisturizing your hair includes co-washes or even just wetting your hair in addition to utilizing hydrating and moisturizing products that penetrate into your follicles.

Be cognizant when you are flat ironing, curling, and blow drying your hair. If you go over your hair multiple times at 350 degrees, each application simply packs on the heat. Go over your hair twice at that heat and that’s 700 degrees. Heat damage is inevitable if you repeatedly do this to your tresses.

Allyn Antoine gives us a great hairstyling tip:

“If you curl a piece of your hair and don’t like the curl, leave it. Come back and re-curl after it has cooled down.”

Beauties, listen to the above and help your hair have a healthy relationship with heat!


Too Hot To Handle: Help Your Hair Have A Healthy Relationship With Heat  was originally published on hellobeautiful.com