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50 Cent is not happy about being exposed on tonight’s episode of Power.

Season 3’s episode 4 has yet to premiere but ahead of its airing, 50 Cent rang the alarm on something he’s not happy about. Apparently, the rapper’s penis will make its small screen debut on the Starz’s show tonight.

In a series of Instagram posts, it seems that he gave signed consent to executive producer and writer, Courtney Kemp Agboh for the frontal view —but potentially forgot or misunderstood what he signed.

“This is what Courtney did when I said, I hope your edit of episode 4 is right because I had some crazy moments in it,” he captioned a photo with four days ago. “She was like the ladies will love it. Oh my God,I will never sign a deal like this again. Smh #EFFENVODKA I need a drink.”

In later posts, he seems more irate calling Agboh a b**ch.

“Don’t kiss my cheek, kiss my a**. This sh*t is not funny. Tell the people from STARZ to stop calling my phone, you call now. I don’t give a f**k if you’re on a plane, b**ch.”

In his third post, he notes that his aunt won’t be able to watch the episode because of the penis clip.

But apparently, Agboh plays none of these games. Responding on Instagram —probably after her plane landed— with a major clap back. “Ghost must die and 50 Cent must lie because you knew what we were shooting during 404.” Adding, “Yeah that’s your [eggplant emoji] you signed the waiver like everybody else.”

At this point, it seems like 50 Cent may just be trying to bring ratings to the episode —there’s NO WAY this is the first time he’s seeing this. Either way, it got our attention.

Will you be watching tonight’s episode of Power?


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